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Interacting with genocide


Jewish Independent

What constitutes a genocide? How many Ukrainians were murdered by Josef Stalin’s human-created famine in the 1930s? Would you stand up in a situation where lives were at risk – even if it meant you might become targeted? These were some of the questions confronted by Grade 12 students of King David High School last …

Premier Jason Kenney visits the Holodomor Mobile Classroom


Jason Kenney on Facebook

Thank you Premier Kenney for visiting the Holodomor Mobile Classroom at Austin O’Brien Catholic High School, and for your ongoing support!

Legislative Assembly
of British Columbia
excerpts from April 1st, 2019 Afternoon Sitting


Fourth Session, 41st Parliament (2019) OFFICIAL REPORT OF DEBATES (HANSARD) Monday, April 1, 2019 Afternoon Sitting Issue No. 227 ISSN 1499-2175 Hon. B. Ralston: Today in the House are a number of Canadians of Ukrainian origin who are here to launch a Canada-wide initiative to raise the knowledge of and awareness of the Holodomor. It …

McCoy students visited by Holodomor bus


Medicine Hat News

McCoy students visited by Holodomor bus By JEREMY APPEL on April 16, 2019. @MHNJeremyAppel The Holodomor National Awareness Tour bus stopped in Medicine Hat on Monday, giving high school students at Monsignor McCoy the opportunity to learn about one of the lesser-known atrocities of the 20th century. The tour is put on by the …

Professionally Speaking – The Publication of the Ontario College of Teachers, March 2019, Tech Class pg 41


The Holodomor bus uses technology to raise awareness about the Ukrainian genocide.

History that comes to you A Thunder Bay high school teacher has a high-tech mobile classroom roll into town. By Stefan Dubowski Professionally Speaking – The Publication of the Ontario College of Teachers March 2019 Page 41 Photo: Mix Tape Creative Agency THE CHALLENGE: Expand students’ appreciation for history. THE SOLUTION: Invite the Holodomor National …

Weston Collegiate students learn about Holodomor genocide


Weston Collegiate students learn about Holodomor genocide

News Nov 29, 2018 by Lisa Rainford They watched in rapt silence; images of starving men, women, and children; many of whom were buried alive. As part of an elective course, genocide and crimes against humanity, students at Weston Collegiate Institute acknowledged Holodomor Memorial Day, Friday, Nov. 23, a day to commemorate the forced …

Stalin’s Four-Pronged Offensive Against Ukraine Explained


Demographers now calculate that more than four million Ukrainians starved in just six months, one of the greatest genocides to befoul 20th-century European history, yet for decades, what happened was almost forgotten. On September 20, 1953, Dr. Raphael Lemkin, a legal scholar, spoke in New York City about Stalin’s four-pronged offensive against Ukraine. That country’s …

“Hunger for Truth: The Rhea Clyman Story” A Discussion with Andrew Tkach and Anne Applebaum


Panel discussion with Andrew Tkach, the film director, and Anne Applebaum, historian and columnist, author of “Red Famine: Stalin’s War on Ukraine”. The discussion was moderated by Marina Pesenti, Director of Ukrainian Institute London. 12 June 2018. On June 5, 2018, the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto was the site of the Canadian film premiere …

‘Hunger for Truth: The Rhea Clyman Story’ Tells How Brave Canadian Journalist Wrote About Holodomor



Rhea Clyman, a Canadian journalist born in Poland, is finally getting more international recognition as the first and one of the few journalists who exposed the Holodomor, Joseph Stalin’s genocidal starvation of 4 million Ukrainians from 1932-1933.

Russia’s Digital Warfare Has Put Western Democracies in The Crosshairs



Opinion: Russia is sowing discord, amid allegations of ties to assassinations and investments into social-media companies. The time for complacency is over

The Canadian Who Documented Soviet Horrors


C J News

In 1928, 24-year-old Torontonian Rhea Clyman, the one-legged daughter of Polish-Jewish immigrants, arrived in Moscow with no job, no residence and no command of the local language.

Hunger for Truth: The Rhea Clyman Story


New Pathway

We live in a time where the most powerful tools in the field of journalism lie in everyone’s pockets. A voice recorder, camera, and notepad all in one— we could certainly ask for no better.

Grant Approval Press Release


Ukrainian Canadian Community Welcomes Federal $1.45M Funding For Holodomor Awareness Project Toronto – The Ukrainian Canadian community welcomes the announcement by the Honourable Melanie Joly, Minister of Canadian Heritage, of a three-year grant valued at $1.45 million to support the Holodomor National Awareness Tour and the Holodomor Mobile Classrooms (“the HMC). The funding announcement was …

Holodomor Awareness Through Film, A Traveling Bus, And A Newly Uncovered Canadian Journalist


Hromadske Radio

Dear listeners, here is this week’s Hromadske Radio Ukraine Calling. Film maker Andrew Tkach and lawyer Bohdan Onyshchuk talk to Bohdan Nahaylo about the Holodomor and more.

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