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Help spread awareness and recognition of the Holodomor around the world. Learn about the warning signs of genocide, genocides that are happening today, and more.


Nearly 90 years after Joseph Stalin and his Soviet regime killed millions in Ukraine and subsequently covered it up, we are bringing Stalin back from beyond the grave via controversial Deepfake technology to finally tell the truth about the Holodomor genocide. Watch our campaign video, see the posters and more.

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Join our cause by signing our petition to have the word ‘Holodomor’ officially added to the English Language dictionary.

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Image of dictionary page with emtpy space for pending Holodomor definition.

10 Genocide Warning Signs

Learn to identify genocides before they start, and learn what measures can be taken to prevent them.

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Photo of people suffering from famine.

Genocides Today

Genocides are a deliberate destruction of national, ethnic, or religious groups. They are still happening today.

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Imge of world map showing countries that have suffered from genocide.

Holodomor Fine Foods

Millions died in Ukraine between 1932-33, yet many Canadians have never heard of the Holodomor. See our controversial awareness campaign.

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Photo of Holodomor Fine Foods Product packages.