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Holodomor mobile classroom makes Park pit stops

A high-tech bus that teaches kids about a dark chapter in world history made a pair of stops in Sherwood Park and captivated local students.

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Kingston Ukrainian festival marks 50 years

One of Canada’s oldest Ukrainian festivals celebrated 50 years this past weekend.

The Lviv, Ukraine Folklore Festival offered up the tantalizing food, music, dance and culture of Ukraine during its five-decade anniversary event at Regiopolis-Notre Dame Catholic High School Friday through Sunday.

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Interacting With Genocide

What constitutes a genocide? How many Ukrainians were murdered by Josef Stalin’s human-created famine in the 1930s? Would you stand up in a situation where lives were at risk – even if it meant you might become targeted? These were some of the questions confronted by Grade 12 students of King David High School.

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Premier Jason Kenney Visits the Holodomor Mobile Classroom

Thank you Premier Kenney for visiting the Holodomor Mobile Classroom at Austin O’Brien Catholic High School, and for your ongoing support!

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Holodomor bus teaches students about the Ukrainian genocide

The bus is impossible to miss. It’s massive, painted with orange wheat fields, blue sky, and “HOLODOMOR — THE UKRAINIAN GENOCIDE” in white capital letters. A sight that causes drivers to do double takes on the highway, it was equally arresting parked outside UVic’s McPherson Library.

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