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Premier Jason Kenney Visits the Holodomor Mobile Classroom

Thank you Premier Kenney for visiting the Holodomor Mobile Classroom at Austin O’Brien Catholic High School, and for your ongoing support!

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Holodomor bus teaches students about the Ukrainian genocide

The bus is impossible to miss. It’s massive, painted with orange wheat fields, blue sky, and “HOLODOMOR — THE UKRAINIAN GENOCIDE” in white capital letters. A sight that causes drivers to do double takes on the highway, it was equally arresting parked outside UVic’s McPherson Library.

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McCoy Students Visited by Holodomor Bus

The Holodomor National Awareness Tour bus stopped in Medicine Hat on Monday, giving high school students at Monsignor McCoy the opportunity to learn about one of the lesser-known atrocities of the 20th century.

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History That Comes To You

March 2019 article in Professionally Speaking. The publication of the Ontario College of Teachers.

A Thunder Bay high school teacher has a high-tech mobile classroom roll into town.

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Weston Collegiate students learn about Holodomor genocide

They watched in rapt silence; images of starving men, women, and children; many of whom were buried alive. As part of an elective course, genocide and crimes against humanity, students at Weston Collegiate Institute acknowledged Holodomor Memorial Day, Friday, November 23.

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