Holodomor Fine Foods

Our experiential campaign raises awareness of the Holodomor genocide within a 21st century paradigm. Where Stalin used food as a weapon, we use it to educate.

Photo of Holodomor Fine Foods Product packages.

That eye-catching image that you might think is an ad for your next favourite healthy snack - is actually a surprising misdirect campaign. This campaign, created by the Holodomor National Awareness Tour to coincide with Genocide Awareness Month in April, was designed to help Canadians understand what people living in Ukraine experienced during the Holodomor.

To raise awareness, empathy, and understanding of this history, we launched out-of-home murals, posters, and digital boards at college and university campuses.

A food tasting was held allowing people to experience, if only for a moment, what people ate to survive during the Holodomor.

Food sampling kits were sent to the press.

Image of Holodomor Fine Foods sample packages.

Contact us for assistance in conducting a Holodomor Foods tasting event in your community or school.

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