The Holodomor Mobile Classroom

Photo of the Holodomor Mobile Classroom

The Holodomor Mobile Classroom (HMC) is a state-of-the-art, interactive multimedia environment, designed to engage & educate students and the public across Canada about the Ukrainian genocide.

Go beyond the textbook

The HMC is an innovative educational mobile tool that can accommodate up to 30 students. It features several 60-minute facilitator-led lessons with documentary videos on the Holodomor and interactive learning activities for students.

“Before this, I had no clue what the Holodomor was but after, I know how awful it was and am more informed about this! I would recommend this because it was a great learning experience.”

- Grade 10 students at Lasalle Secondary School in Sudbury, Ontario (2019)

HNAT also offers a stand-alone module, based on our award-winning documentary, “Hunger for Truth: The Rhea Clyman Story” (2017), which examines how propaganda and disinformation can incite hatred and violence.

The HMC provides students with a rich and inspiring learning experience that promotes social responsibility and global awareness. The program supports teachers in meeting provincial curriculum expectations while building 21st century skills, including digital literacy and critical thinking.

Curriculum applications

How students benefit

To truly understand a subject, students need to make a personal connection with the stories and the people behind the information. This was our goal when we designed the digital experience for the Holodomor Mobile Classroom – a converted RV in which high school students learn about the Ukrainian genocide.

Learn about the Holodomor through interactive lessons

Appreciate how history shapes our world today

Be inspired by personal stories of survivors

Leave empowered to strengthen Canadian values of freedom and democracy

Photo of the Holodomor National Awareness Tour Bus.

The classroom is based on a technological ecosystem that links custom applications, 32 iPads, a MacPro server and a 24-foot screen, all using an array of programming languages. The Holodomor Mobile Classroom has already visited hundreds of schools, and engaged thousands of students and educators. The feedback from students has been beyond expectations; they leave the HMC talking not about the technology they used, but rather about the ways that the experience shifted their perspective and opened their eyes to the reality of genocide. The HMC’s journey is just beginning.

Book for schools

Bringing Holodomor awareness across Canada

Photo of Canadian Map showing where the Holodomor Mobile Classroom has visited.

Places the Holodomor Mobile Classroom has visited.