Grant Approval Press Release

Ukrainian Canadian Community Welcomes Federal $1.45M Funding For Holodomor Awareness Project

Toronto – The Ukrainian Canadian community welcomes the announcement by the Honourable Melanie Joly, Minister of Canadian Heritage, of a three-year grant valued at $1.45 million to support the Holodomor National Awareness Tour and the Holodomor Mobile Classrooms (“the HMC). The funding announcement was made today in Toronto by Arif Virani (MP, Parkdale-High Park), Parliamentary Secretary for Multiculturalism to the Minister of Canadian Heritage, the Honourable Melanie Joly.

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Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies, Concordia University

This website of Concordia University houses survivor accounts of the Holodomor. These accounts can serve as an excellent resource for teachers looking to examine the Holodomor through the lens of survivors. The accounts are in text format and can be used as case studies to illuminate what is a too little known part of Ukrainian and Soviet history.

Holodomor – Wikipedia

The Holodomor (Ukrainian: Голодомо́р) was a man-made famine in Soviet Ukraine in 1932 and 1933 that killed an estimated 2.5–7.5 million Ukrainians, with millions more counted in demographic estimates. It was part of the wider Soviet famine of 1932–33, which affected the major grain-producing areas of the country.

Connecticut Holodomor Awareness Committee

This website offers general information on the Holodomor and is itself a resource hub containing an excellent historical timeline of events leading up to the Holodomor that can support students and teachers alike in understanding how the Holodomor happened. The site also offers eyewitness accounts and links to resources including photo documentation of the Holodomor.


I passed many villages … Everywhere I heard crying: ‘We have no bread. We are dying! Tell England that we are swelling from hunger!’

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