Kingston Ukrainian festival marks 50 years

One of Canada’s oldest Ukrainian festivals celebrated 50 years this past weekend.

The Lviv, Ukraine Folklore Festival offered up the tantalizing food, music, dance and culture of Ukraine during its five-decade anniversary event at Regiopolis-Notre Dame Catholic High School Friday through Sunday.

Lubomyr Luciuk is the president of the Ukrainian Canadian Club of Kingston and has been involved with the festival since its inception, when he was a teenager.


Visitors to the festival also got the chance to learn about the genocide against the Ukrainian people that occurred in 1933, when Joseph Stalin, leader of the Soviet Union, seized Ukrainian farms in a collectivization effort that saw resistors punished with exorbitant grain quotas and food seizures that led to mass starvation.

The “Holodomor” — a Ukrainian word that translates to “murder by starvation” — saw the death of one in six Ukrainians in the Ukrainian countryside, with demographers estimating more than four million dead from the event.

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