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The Holodomor Mobile Classroom is an innovative educational module where students partake in a 60-minute, facilitator-led interactive experience known as “The Historian’s Craft.” The module starts with a short introduction to genocide followed by a quick documentary film on the Holodomor. Then students become detectives using the “Historian’s Craft” where they receive a foundation on the history of the Holodomor by exploring various resources on tablets.


From their exploration, collaboration, and detective work, they will piece together the history of the Holodomor. Led by the facilitator, the class then discusses their findings to develop a robust understanding of the Holodomor and its effects on the Ukraine. The lesson then moves on to a discussion of the Canadian values of human rights, civility, tolerance and social justice, and the need to fight hate and prejudice in today’s society.

The learning activity satisfies many aspects of the Ontario high-school curriculum. The seminar encourages critical thinking, communication, digital literacy, global awareness, and civic and social responsibility. The Holodomor Mobile Classroom can accommodate up to 30 students and is wheelchair accessible.


The Holodomor National Awareness Tour is a non-for profit-organization, as such we request a contribution of $500.00 to help subsidize the total cost $1000.00 per day. The contribution of $500.00 per day, per location, helps to ensure that the program remains sustainable. We encourage schools to take advantage of the opportunity and arrange for all four class periods to be filled.

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Always feel free to contact us for more information

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Curriculum Links

The Historian’s Craft was developed for the intermediate and senior grade levels and presents basic information on the Holodomor. It addresses concepts and themes linked to the new Ontario Ministry of Education’s curriculum expectations in the Canadian and World Studies and Social Sciences and Humanities courses under:

  • Continuity and Change
  • Historical Significance/Historical Perspective
  • Cause and Consequence/Objectives and Results
  • Social Justice

The Holodomor Mobile Classroom (HMC) programming complements the following courses:

  • Canadian History Since World War I, Grade 10, University Preparation (CHC2D)
  • Canadian History Since World War I, Grade 10, College Preparation (CHC2P)
  • Civics and Citizenship, Grade 10, Open (CHV2O)
  • Politics in Action: Making Change, Grade 11, Open (CPC3O)
  • Equity, Diversity, and Social Justice, Grade 11, Workplace Preparation (HSE3E)
  • World History Since 1900: Global and Regional Interactions, Open, Grade 11 (CHT3O)
  • Adventures in World History, Grade 12, Workplace Preparation (CHM4E)
  • Challenge and Change in Society, Grade 12, University Preparation (HSB 4U)
  • World History Since the Fifteenth Century, University Preparation, Grade 12 (CHY4U)
  • World History Since the Fifteenth Century, College Preparation, Grade 12 (CHY4C)
  • Canadian and International Politics, Grade 12, University Preparation (CPW4U)
  • World Issues: A Geographic Analysis, Grade 12, College Preparation (CGW4C)
  • Equity and Social Justice: From Theory to Practice, Grade 12, University/College Preparation (HSE4M)

Once the HMC has been booked, the classroom teacher will receive a Pre-Visit Package that includes:

  • An introductory letter
  • The historical background with a timeline of events leading to the Holodomor
  • Behaviour expectations and safety measures on the bus, which need to be reviewed by the classroom teacher prior to the visit
  • Parking requirements on school property
  • Pre-visit activities and Post-visit suggestions for short-term and long-term assignments for students
  • On the completion of the lesson, the classroom teacher will be requested to fill out a survey. We encourage teachers to send the HMC five student reflections on their visit to the Bus.
  • It could have the “Book the Bus” info on it as well or it could link to a “Book the bus” page

Holodomor Educational Hub

For more teaching resources on the Holodomor follow the link to our educational link hub directory, there you will find links to additional resources on the Holodomor, including direct curricular connections to the Ontario curriculum, lesson plans and teaching materials. You’ll also find further listed resources like documentaries, primary and secondary historical resources, texts and survivors accounts.

Link to the Holodomor Resources

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